Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crystal Flores Final Exam Poe Dies of Rabies

I think Poe died of Rabies.One reason is because he lived in the days that many people were getting it. There was no treatment. At most cases people don't recall getting bit or even any interaction with any animals.When you first get bit your left with a mear scratch.Which wont come to mind that something is wrong. It takes about a year for symptoms to appear or even for people to react to it. You get about the some symptoms that you do when your drunk. So people could have thought he was.But he couldn't have been because just drinking water burned his throat let alone alcohol.He had also tried to keep away from alcohol because of what he went through at a younge age.He also had a cat which most likely bit him.The cat was also found died three months before Poe's death.Also he was probably in ragged old clothing because he was in pain and wanted to be a bit more comfortable in his condition.Nobody saw him in long periods of times because he was probably in bed trying to get better.Tring find out what was wrong with him. He went crazy because he was in so much agonising discomfort.He probably didn't want anyone to know about his condition because he was scared.so nobody even knew.

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